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Ballerina Pink Pill Grid : 12x12" Resin Wall Art in Acrylic Frame

Ballerina Pink Pill Grid : 12x12" Resin Wall Art in Acrylic Frame

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About the art: layers of high quality artist resin with suspended faux gold leaf, real over-the-counter medications and hand filled capsules of glitter, beads and candy sprinkles on a background of light ballerina pink with diamond dust sparkle for the ultimate pop in color. 12x12" resin wall art in acrylic frame, ready to hang with attached eyelet hardware.

Disclaimer: due to the weight of these resined wall pieces, it is strongly recommended to locate a wall stud and use appropriate weight approved nails when hanging from the attached hardware. Picture hanging command strips are also included in your package and it is recommended to reinforce the frame with these safe-for-walls adhesives. Avoid direct sunlight with all resin art to preserve the clarity of the resin. Products within the resin are not intended for oral use and attempts to free them from the resin are strictly warned against. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe down both resin and acrylic frame. Water+mild soap when necessary. CAUTION: Never use Windex or other glass cleaners on acrylic. Avoid chemical cleaners in entirety.