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Classic Clear Pill Petri
Classic Clear Pill Petri
Classic Clear Pill Petri

Classic Clear Pill Petri

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Sold as a set of TWO.

About the art: Mesmerizing 4 inch diameter coaster/paper weight made of highest quality artist epoxy resin and filled with multi-colored over-the-counter medications and hand capsules filled with glitter, candy sprinkles and beads. Works beautifully as a side table or desk paper weight or display piece while doubling as a coaster.

For everyday use: Food safe and heat safe up to 120F/50C, made to work well with the heat from a hot mug. However, hotter temperatures such as that produced from a frying pan or casserole dish straight from the oven are typically too hot and could cause irreparable damage to the resin surface. 

Care: Products and colors used vary from coaster to coaster, therefore no one coaster is ever exactly like another and truly a unique product. Clear capsules filled with glitter/sprinkles are hand made by the artist. Tablets are generic, over-the-counter purchased products. Products within the resin are not intended for oral use and attempts to free them from the resin are strictly warned against. All epoxy resin may yellow over time and avoidance of excessive sunlight/UV exposure is recommended. Pieces are made by pouring many layers of epoxy resin, curing before each new layer. When the two part epoxy resin is mixed before pouring, it will naturally contain micro bubbles, some of which will remain even after the heating process to remove larger bubbles.